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Lexus commercial
"These tubes have GAS in them!"

 [4.Interference]  [5.Weak Sync]  [6.Horiz. Disp.]


Mr. Valve Goes to the Movies!


We're redoing
the Short Wave Sounds.
See, we do update this stuff. Sometimes.

modulator crankin'

Your Ominous Valve Works is almost over 20 years old.
It's one of the oldest sites on the whole Web.
Sometimes it looks it.
Many links are kaput.

Consider it The HTML Museum.

-- valves are people too --

As the century turns, we become ever more committed to the overthrow of corporatism. All art that is vapid, all that reeks of shallow mannerism, all that is posing and not life lived to the fullest, shall be destroyed without mercy.

This web site is yours too. Here you can help me climax a lifelong artistic obsession with signals. Here, joined together, in these hot, musty steam tunnels deep beneath the Info Subway, we will celebrate the fuzzy outer fringe of human communication: doing it, watching it, avoiding it, coffee.

Fearlessly, throwing bullshit and artistic dogma aside, we will seek and achieve the essential Netness, the most efficient conversion of electricity into thought. Proudly, as our esthetic symbol and extra-temporal rallying point, we will invoke the ominous beauty of the mighty vacuum tube (valve), as we defiantly hurl fire into the Night.
The Ominous Valve is the Faberge egg of the New Millennium. The present belongs to the tired and passe. The future belongs to us. There is absolutely nothing else here which need be understood.
Another boy saved from a life of crime!

John Lyles


11/08: Some new old logos

The BIG Speaker
is here

Vintage Altec Lansing
extreme gear for fearless people
604 list somewhat updated 4/27/07;
Apologies to Bill Hanley for saying Woodstock used JBLs - new real story here.

The Vacuum Tube Supercomputer Centre
finally has a web site!

Cinerama Is Back
Processes may come, and processes may go, and never change your point of view.
This one's different.

Johnny Valve



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maybe your final costs $1.29

-- valves are people too --


vacuum tube

Hi, David! Not Enough Coffee The Coffee Achievers Too Much Coffee Wag the Coffee Spill Coffee On Your Radio [cool tube computer, duuuude.............]