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Crosley Radio

The factory in Cincinnati, with original WLW towers on top, and studios inside.

Powel's Ominous Valve Works
You're THERE with a Crosley! Studio A

The Moon River organ is visible in back. A grill covers the pipes.

This acoustically-isolated room could easily hold a symphony orchestra.

Moon River Organ Console

Crosley wanted a really romantic show.

"Moon River" was the result, as opened by this famous instrument. It has nothing to do with that soppy tune written a generation later.

The Mighty Something Or Other
Rhumba, Professor, please! Moon River Organ Today?

We know the organ wound up in a lounge. Could this be it, with a new console?

Crosley Sextette Matchbook Ad

1930s or 40s. 'No radio "is" modern without pushbutton tuning.'

Real radios light up!
LIFTOFF!!! Transmitter Control

IBM used to advertise The Smart Desk. Here, Crosley starts the filaments at The 500,000 Watt Desk.

Two Big Ones

WLW geek apparently grabs some action out behind the world's largest modulation transformers.

Hot Date Tonight
Expensive Date Tonight Some More Big Ones

Yet another publicity shot shows why we can't completely abandon Freud's theories. The, uh, output tube anodes have a large surface for water cooling.

Main Rectifier Bank

Nice dramatic angle on the six 450-amp mercury-vapor rectifiers, all lined up and reporting for duty making serious DC.

DC Amperes R Us!
Get the Shorting Stick! 167 kW Power Amp

The chief engineer gets to pose with Crosley's firebottles too, showing how the PA tubes are connected. I think the transmitter is off.

Crosley Radio Dial

Thunderbolts reach both hemispheres of the world from WLW's diamond-shaped tower. The clock hand tunes AM and short wave, and WLW's frequency is marked above the Y in CROSLEY.

You're THERE with a Crosley!
Pictures fly through the dead of night READO

READO was Crosley's 1930s radiofax service sent late at night by WLW and other large AM stations. It used the Finch system, which printed a range of tones on strips of sensitized white pinfeed paper, synchronized from the AC lines. Old printout still looks surprisingly respectable today.

READO Receiver

$75 got you this classy wooden box with the synchronized oscillating arm inside printing your celebrity dish a line at a time. It attached to your speaker output and used 5W audio for drive. Another $10 got you a clock timer, so you didn't have to stay up all night to see who eloped. Paper spat out the back.

Smaller than a bread box
Yee-HAAAAAAAAHH!!!!! Boone County Jamboree Songbook

WLW's rural audience knew what it liked.

The Toy Band

Another good ol' show, probably rather hard on the transmitter.

Did you blow us off the air AGAIN?!?!??!??
Charmed Photons? Crosley Good Luck Charm

Hard work, sweat, and 500 kW will get any nerd to the top.

1951 WLW-TV Calendar

The coming of TV will give you the best year ever. Technology had such promise...

The Wired Nation's Station


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