Russian/Soviet tube factories and their logos - 1998

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Sh: "... I'll tell you one thing - when I play a CD it goes through a tube amplifier."

LAT: "I didn't know tubes were still being made."

Sh: "What do you think keeps the Russian economy going?"

  __________Harry Shearer, Los Angeles Times, 11 Jan 2001, page T2



This remarkable table is courtesy of Eric Barbour
at Svetlana Electron Devices.

It is extremely useful for identifying Russian tubes.

(With many thanks to Aleksandr Byelkanov of
and the Association of Russian Audiophiles,
St. Petersburg, Russia)

Compiled by Eric Barbour 3/98 - updated 11/98

Svetlana Svetlana Electron Devices, St. Petersburg:

The major Russian power-tube manufacturer. Formerly a part of the huge Svetlana collective factory, now independent. A joint-stock agreement with Svetlana Electron Devices USA has been set up.

Types in production: EL34, SV6L6GC, SV6550C, SV300B, EL509, EF86, 6BM8, 6AS7, 3CX300A1, 6D22S, GP-5, and a long list of large ceramic power types for amateur radio, broadcast, and industrial uses.

Ryazan Ryazan Plant of Electronics, Ryazan:

Makes power triodes for RF and audio applications. Some are sold outside Russia by Svetlana Electron Devices. Ryazan has also made large thyratrons and pulse tubes.

Types in production: 811A (popular and sold all over the world), 812A, SV811-3, SV811-10, SV572-30, SV572-160, GM-100, others. SV types and 811A are made especially for Svetlana Electron Devices.

Reflector Reflector Corp, Saratov:

Makes most of the tubes marketed by New Sensor Co. of New York under the "Sovtek" brand name. Some of these are old Russian types, others are made especially for export.

Types in production: 12AX7 (three variations known), EL34 (2 versions), 6550WE, KT88, 300B, 6B4G, 5AR4, 6L6/5881 (3 variations known), 6922, 6EU7, 7199, EL84 (2 versions), 6P15P. Sovtek also markets 5U4G, 5Y3GT, 6SN7, 6SL7, two 12AX7s and a few other types made at other factories.

Ulyanov Ulyanov, Ulyanovsk:

Large state-owned factory specializes in military eqipment. Also makes tubes for use in military aircraft electronics. Continued production of tubes below cannot be confirmed at this time.

Types in production:GU-50, GU-13/813, 6S33S-V, 6S19P, 6S41P, others. 6S33S-V (often kept in Cyrillic form, 6C33C-B) is becoming popular in high-end amplifiers in America and Japan.

Voskhod Voskhod, Kaluga:

Large collective factory, makes many ICs and other semiconductors as well as receiving tubes.

Types in production: Makes 6N1P-EV, 6AX7, 12AX7WA/WB, 6SN7, 6SL7 and a few other types sold by various firms outside Russia.

Novosibirsk Novosibirsk:

Large collective factory, makes receiving tubes. Continued production could not be confirmed at this time.

Types in production: Unknown.

Orel Orel:

Continued production could not be confirmed at this time.

Types in production: Unknown.

Poljaron Poljaron, Lvov (Ukraine):

Makes 833A and some Russian ceramic power types, plus related products such as vacuum capacitors.

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