Hugh's EBEN Testbild For Computers


Leaving EBEN out of it, this chart is different from the testbilder that video techs are used to. All the primaries are at full output (0x00FFh). The white bar on the left of screen, or EBEN's right, however, is by my completely unscientific eyeball about a step below the full white on the small chip at the right. On flat displays there's bound to be some compression, but you can just barely tell the difference. On CRT's the difference is pretty obvious.

The chips at the bottom are a bit different from NTSC too. It's kind of a bogus PLUGE. In the right hand half of the black rectangle, I added a little square at about one step above zero level. If you don't see it, your black level is off.

I have found that in practice flat displays are less tricky to set up than CRTs, and really you can just use a chip chart for black and white level. These will also vary widely with angle of view, so look from you intend to have your head most of the time when you do the calibration.

The Mac has a different screen gamma than the PC, though some of the new displays can be set for either. In fact I'm using a gamma of 1.1 on my PC, which really opens up the blacks and makes my pictures look better on the Mac, which after all is still standard in the art world.

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-hugh '96
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