Mister Valve's House!

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home on the valve

mister valve slept here

valve hotel

casa de valvula

house of the rising valve

valve sweet valve

there's no valve like home

mi valvula es su valvula

home is where the valve is


Various nice people sent these. You can too.
(I'll give you a credit!)

Jorgen Lund-Nielsen sent a whole collection. 50 of 'em. Check 'em out!


House Owner Description
6202 Eric Eames Yes, that's the brand name. The tube is a UF89.
Amalgamated Wireless Valve #1 John Kaesehagen Australian company
AWV #2 John Kaesehagen Australian company
Arcturus David Pearrell Blue sky box with incredible "blue glass" 127 tube inside
Brimar Eric Eames Truly cool radio wave typography
Continental Electric Co. John Kaesehagen Mister Valve Rules the World!
EICO (Electronic Inst. Co.) Personal Collection Red, white & blue box from this once huge kit maker.
EICO Box Contents Personal Collection NU 7193
Bizarre little 7193 with National Union and JAN marks (actual size). Note the two plate caps.
EverReady Trevor Levick (Germany) British valves, not the American battery maker
General Electric Unknown 60s?
Gold Seal NEW Alan J. Parrish "The Perfect Tube" - Looks like late 20s/ early 30s
Detail of Gold Seal Box NEW Alan J. Parrish Shows bottom cutouts with instructions for testing filament in-box
Hamamatsu #1 Brian M. Phelps Japanese photomultiplier
Hamamatsu #2 Brian M. Phelps Japanese tube, English labels
Hamamatsu #3 Brian M. Phelps Japanese miniature phototube, great logo
Hytron David Pearrell Classic US logo
Jorgen's boxes Jorgen Lund-Nielsen Some house moving...
47 (count 'em) 47 individual photos, heavy on European designs. Way cool.
Ken-Rad #1 Gordon Symonds Colorful, very old, sunburst style
Ken-Rad #2 Personal Collection Box held a type 34 shoulder tube, made in the late 1920s/early 30s. Bottom is open, allowing testing of tube by pushing down on cardboard insert until pins protrude from box. Neat thunderbolt logo.
Klangfilm Trevor Levick Wiggy box - cool name, now appropriated for art
La Radiotechnique Sergio Coelho French; great semiotic content - Derrida and Foucault would approve
Majestic David Pearrell Mighty Monarch of the Air!
Mullard David Pearrell (The Master Valve; good psycho colors)
Philco #1 David Pearrell Blue
Philco #2 Unknown Yellow & black
Philips audio John Kaesehagen way cool art deco - monochrome
Philips audio John Kaesehagen larger, glorious color, 105K
Philips Miniwatt #1 John Kaesehagen Nifty sine wave logo
Philips Miniwatt #2 John Kaesehagen Really classic design
Pope Trevor Levick Really fun design
RCA UX-201 Unknown Very old - 1920s?
RCA/GE UV-199 Unknown Same vintage
RCA/GE UV-199 Unknown Instruction sheet to above
RCA Cunningham Personal collection Box is for a 1B5 shoulder tube, alternating RCA and Cunningham faces. This style box had no flaps, using stapled flanges to hold Mister Valve in.
Detail of RCA Cunningham #1 Personal collection RCA staple

Extreme close shot of staple, showing stamped-in "RCA" for security.

Detail of RCA Cunningham #2 Personal collection RCA box top

Top of box, showing Mr. Valve nestled safely within. The bottom flap could be folded back to test the tube while still in the box.

RCA Victor Personal collection Same construction and approximate vintage (20s/30s) as the Cunningham above, but with the famous Nipper dog. Tube is a 12SF5.
RCA Radiotron #1 Sergio Coelho Classic Red and Black box - held a VT-46A, apparently for US Army Signal Corps
RCA Radiotron #2 Personal collection Another classic, this one for a 1943 US Navy 1625. A different sort of boat anchor is stamped on the upper left.
RCA Performance Series Sergio Coelho Awesome blue box for high-end RF tubes
RCA Unknown looks like 60s, nice repro
Large RCA Brian Carling Held several miniatures
Rogers Radio Tubes Gordon Symonds Canadian; that's Ted Rogers on the box!
Rodan NEW Alan "A.J." Franzman Japanese box for the Monster Nixie Tube
Sovtek Robert J. Cleeland Old USSR, with typical Russian spot color printing
Sylvania #1 NEW Alan J. Parrish Old - very cool design
Sylvania #2 Brian M. Phelps Newer - neat thunderbolt
Sylvania #2 Brian M. Phelps Other side of box #2
Sylvania #3 Brian M. Phelps Newer than #1 and #2 - probably mid/late 60s
Sylvania ECG NEW Personal collection Sylvania/Philips ECG transmitting tube
Taylor Tubes T-55 Brian Carling Great collector's tube and its box
Telefunken #1 Robert J. Cleeland "Sparks at a distance!" - tube looks like a bomb!
Telefunken #2 Trevor Levick Blue, with portrait on box
Tesla Brian Carling Cool Czech logo box
US Government #1 Brian M. Phelps Those plain brown wrappers for "ONE ELECTRON TUBE" so familiar to the surplus buyer.
US Government #2 Personal Collection Larger JAN (Joint Army/Navy). '52 was apparently a big year for tubes.
Vakuumtechnik GmbH., Erlangen (VTE) John Kaesehagen Nice design on a German box



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